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The web has so many cool looking websites now. Don't be fooled by the clean fancy looks though. I'm actually quite disappointed as someone who is trusted by many people on the Internet turns out uses deceptive practices. Actually, I'm quite pissed and that's why I'm posting this.

Neil Patel claims "I'm kind of a big deal". (Not sure if the Anchorman reference was intended or he thinks he came up with it.) He has been a part of a few useful Internet marketing tools.

I'm going to expose his deceptive practices and why I'll never use his services. Continue Reading...

This video was shared on Paul Jarvis's twitter account.  If you think you are too old to learn something new or if you just need a daily dose of inspiration then you need to watch it.

PS.  If you wonder when to use an apostrophe on names and words ending in 's' like I did then check this out.

If you want to be a rock star you need to act and do like rock stars do.  Well, maybe not everything they do. 🙂  Okay, maybe using a rock star as an example was a poor choice.  How about becoming rich or becoming a successful leader?  If you want to be rich then do what the rich people do.  If you want to be a great leader then do what great leaders do.

Regardless of what you aspire to do you'll need to exercise persuasion as some point.  I love lists and has put together a nice short list of things that really persuasive people do.

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You can only do so much planning, praying and prep work for a project before you just have to bite the bullet and get started. At some point you'll need to take the step of faith and trust God. Continue Reading...