How to Get Out of Debt Book

how to get out of debt


Quickly eliminate your debt forever!

Power down your debt by following proven simple Biblical principles. Learn how to:

Create Your Own Personal Financial Statement(PFS) and Find Your NET Worth

Finances do not need to be so complex. I show you what makes up a Personal Financial Statement and how to read it. What a great and not so great financial statement looks like. You will learn what your true NET worth is and how “getting rich” is really a simple matter of changing a negative to a positive or "greater than" to a "less than".

Increase Your Income and Learn What the Bible Says About Income

That means digging into the different types of income. I show you what retirement really means and that it is definitely possible to retire young and retire rich. Also, what the Bible says about being rich. Learn how to get started with new investments such as real estate or buying an existing business. I show you some simple checks and balances for reviewing a business before you buy it.

Analyze Your Expenses and Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

Using your Personal Financial Statement/NET Worth Calculator (* Bonus (no-cost) download from my website) you will see the expenses that you can eliminate that will help you get out of debt quickly. I show you the difference between agood debt and a bad debt and why not all debt is bad.

Get Out of Debt Using My KO Debt Plan

Learn how to knock out(KO) your debt one at a time. Your goal should be to live debt-free and with my KO Debt Plan you can achieve that at an accelerated pace. I show you specific examples of the simple process of removing your debt. In addition I will show you:

• What your financial action plan should look like
• Why you should tithe
• How much money you should tithe
• How much house you can really afford and why you shouldn't rely soley on real estate agents and bankers.

Note: These principles are based on what it says in the Bible. Regardless, if you are "religious" or not you can benefit from applying these methods. I am not interested in preaching to you but I am excited to share what I have learned and the freedom that comes along with being debt-free.


How to Get Out of Debt Reader Reviews

Solid Debt Advice - Can I start by saying I am not in debt but read this because I wanted a clearer view of my finances and to look at how I could manage my money more closely following Gods principals. Given the economic turmoil and uncertainty in the world just now, this book is really useful either as a tool to help manage your debt, or to stop you getting into debt in the first place... - Wendy

Great Book! - This is an outstanding book and offers a simplified approach to financial freedom. It is well worth the time to read this book. - RCS3

Excellent! - This book is an excellent book. It is very easy to read, very clear and VERY helpful. If you are looking for practical help with your finances, you will really like this book. - Shad

Solid Financial Teaching - Craig's book is an easy to read practical approach to your personal finances and I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to get out of debt and get your finances in order. We recently got meet him and we saw in him a wonderful young Christian man who is a devoted husband and father who has a lot of love and wisdom to share with others. - Lisa

Awesome Tool To Battle Debt - Very informative, useful and a blessed tool! A must have for young and old. I wish I would have had this information 20 years ago! - Nicole