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If you do a quick search on Google for "how to make money on the internet" you will get roughly 619 million results. The "how-tos" include anything from filling out surveys to reselling on Amazon. There are literally tons of ways to make money on the internet. The question is, what can you do that will yield you the best return with the least amount of work? If you are looking for ways to make money online then get your notepad out and get ready to take some notes.

The Internet has always intrigued me. I am so inspired by it. Every time you turn around, just when you think everything has been thought of, a Zuckerberg creates Facebook or a Crowley devises FourSquare. Twitter, Amazon, Freelancer.. the list goes on and on. Back to FourSquare for a second, I have to admit I just didn't get it. I thought, why do we need this? But as a social media guru I couldn't put it down. Foursquare already has 20 million users in just a little over 3 years time. They didn't think outside of the box. They took the existing box and made sense of it in a different way. This leads me to number one on the list for making money on the Internet.

1. Find a need or make one up!

Nobody needs Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google, Amazon or YouTube. Really, you don't! The world was fine before Al Gore invented the Internet. (Sorry, Al, but you did NOT invent the Internet! Sorry, I couldn't resist.) Seriously, people have survived and made decent money without the Internet for centuries. But now that we have it why not leverage it. Spend some time thinking of different ways to solve various problems. The best marketing campaigns are those that make you feel like you can't go without the product or service. They essentially create an artificial need. I'm not saying that you should think of ways to deceive people. Not at all. People are smart. You will get burned doing that. It's as simple as thinking of your everyday routine. What could be improved or simplified?

2. Do your homework

Now that you have a "need" it's time to find a solution. Do your research. Figure out what it's going to take. Maybe you'll need to hire some programmers. Maybe you just need to create your own store on Amazon. Maybe your solution is that you just need to do some gathering so that users can find all of the information in one place.

You don't have to be an expert

Years ago there was a Perl scripting website that generated tons of traffic. (Perl is a scripting language for all of you non-geeks out there.) The website owner offered free scripts that he created for anyone to learn from and use on their website. It was the first place that most people would go when they needed a script to send email on their website. According to Wikipedia he has had over 2 million downloads. When he decided to monetize his website he did so by offering advertisements. My company at the time,, paid for advertising. Back then the website scripting guru was just a kid and still in high school. I believe he was only 16 years old at the time and making some serious cash by helping others. His scripts were full of security flaws but they worked and were a huge help to most people that used them. He was not an expert. You do not have to be an expert. Just do your homework.

3. Offer the solution

Years ago I heard the phrase, "Find a need and fill it" and it has stuck with me. It's essentially the recipe for success. The need, as mentioned in step 1, may or may not be a real "need". It may just be a "want" or convenience. People pay for convenience. That's one of the reasons why the automobile industry took off like it did a hundred years ago. That's why millions of people do most of their shopping online.

TIP: In order to offer the solution you need to be clear about what the problem is.

Clearly state the need and based on your research offer the solution. People pay for convenience and your research is saving them time. Time is valuable.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day... teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." While I could have listed dozens of ways to make money on the Internet in this article I chose instead to show you how to look for your own creative ways to find a need and offer the solution. If you put these 3 steps into practice on a regular basis you will soon be overflowing with dozens of your own ideas on how to make money on the Internet.

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