Two Things That Will Add Value To Your Website

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There is a new age for the Internet.  No longer are people looking to use it as a library for searching for answers to their questions.  It is now an all inclusive media hub.  We want entertained and we want it now.

The Internet has become so efficient at giving us what we want so quickly that we have developed even shorter attention spans.  If you are a blogger then this means you have little time to win the web surfer’s attention.  Once you get it you need to keep it.  You have about 8 seconds.

In the last year video on the Internet has just exploded.  The majority of people no longer are reading but are wanting to watch a video about the information they need.  Some may call it lazy but I think it’s just the evolution of life on the Internet.  We have reached a new level of sophistication for being entertained.

To embrace this change you can add two things to your website to make it more interactive and entertaining for your visitor.

Add a Podcast to your website

My good Twitter friend Scott Wild offered a tip for me a while back.  He suggested that I add a podcast to my website.  My first thought was that it would be a lot of extra work but it really isn’t.  Scott told me to start by reading my blog posts.  This is a great tip since the hard part is done; the content.  This is one I plan on implementing very soon. Thanks Scott!

Add Video to your website

Like the podcast, you may get stuck for ideas on what to video blog about but again you can start by taking a blog article of yours and simply reading it in front of your web cam.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  By adding video to your blog your reader will get to see more of who you really are plus it may force you out of your comfort zone.

What not to do

A word of caution; don’t add audio or video to your blog just because you think it’s the right thing to do.  Make sure your audio is clear and well spoken.  Make your video as professional as possible. 

People like honesty and watching “real” genuine people.  Keep it real, don’t be fake and have fun with it!

Craig Kelley

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Craig is the author of How to Get Out of Debt and an avid blogger. He strives to help people maximize their time and succeed financially as well as personally. He has been a leader in several start-up companies including Mokumax Virtual Domains & Servers, Inc. and currently HealthcareSupplyChain. Read more...

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