5 BIG Mistakes People Make on Twitter

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Everyday I see Twitter users make the same mistakes over and over again.  Some times it’s so annoying I feel like punching something.  (Hmm, maybe I’ve been penned up at my computer for too long today.)

Anyways, if you do any of these 5 things then stop.  If you don’t stop then you’ll lose friends, make enemies and waste your time all at the same time.  You will be an accomplished multi-tasker however.

1. Direct Message a new Twitter follower

.. and tell them to “join you on Facebook”, “check out your ‘insert something here’” or even tell them “I’m here to answer any questions you may have”.

2. Tell everyone that you just found the most awesomest tool ever

Chances are you post these every half hour and the link you include is your affiliate link.  Hey, don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for affiliate marketing but that is just a terrible way to do it.

3.  Give and EXPECT something in return

Following someone because they are in the same niche as you is great.  There is a great chance they will follow you back.  BUT, don’t expect a follow and don’t get angry because you didn’t get a follow.  Follow people you are interested in hearing from.

4. Friend someone, get a return follow and then Unfollow

This is just stupid.  If you are playing Twitter as a numbers game then you are like a hamster spinning on a wheel.  You will work and work and work and get nowhere.  If you follow someone make sure you are interested in them.  If they follow you back then that is a bonus.  Following someone just to get a new follower for yourself is a terrible marketing tactic.

5. Tweeting nothing but a link to your homepage

We all want traffic but shouting does not work.  Share something and help people.  Don’t be pushy.  If we like you we WILL check out your homepage.. without you asking us a million times.

Got a Twitter pet peeve?  Share it below.

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Craig is the author of How to Get Out of Debt and an avid blogger. He strives to help people maximize their time and succeed financially as well as personally. He has been a leader in several start-up companies including Mokumax Virtual Domains & Servers, Inc. and currently HealthcareSupplyChain. Read more...

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