Klout Score Analyzed [Social Metrics Comparison]

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(image source: klout.com - it was down, how convenient!)

My Klout.com score has gone done considerably in the last several weeks despite practically living on Twitter.  I decided to compare their metrics with others and here is what I found.

Klout doesn’t even agree with itself

My klout score shows that I’m gaining Network Influence, Amplification Probability and True Reach yet my score is going down.  I have been engaging and sharing a lot recently and yet my klout score doesn’t reflect it.

Klout True Reach

I even followed their suggestion to “check in everyday and give others Klout.”

The question is, how does Klout compare with what others have to say.  I did a quick search and found a nice list of measurement tools here.

Tweet Grader

Tweet grader is one of HubSpot’s free tools.  Your Twitter account is compared to all the other Twitter accounts that have used Tweet Grader.  To date there have been over 10 million Twitter accounts graded. 

I got a score of 91 out of 100.  It’s not perfect but keep in mind my Twitter account is just a little over a month old!  I would say a 91 is pretty close to an “A”. 

hubspot tweet grader

(source: http://tweet.grader.com/5minaday)

Percentage of  engagement per TweetStats.com

Next I went to Tweet stats.  You get very basic information at Tweetstats.  The one thing useful is the percentage of times you replied to a tweet, ie. engaged. 

Darn near 1/3 of my tweets are me talking with someone.  If that isn’t great engagement then please “learn me” on what’s wrong.

TwitterCounter.com was right in line with the others

Like everyone else BUT klout, TwitterCounter.com showed the same thing.  More engagement and more followers.  Everything is going up. (The plateau in number of tweets was when I was on vacation.)

I know this isn’t a metric for everything in this image but it shows that I have been engaging more than before and more people are following me. 

I have not been engaging in any extra marketing tactics to gain followers by the way.  All I have been doing is using Twitter.


If you are only using Twitter (not Facebook, LinkedIn or FourSquare) then your Klout.com score is going to be pretty much useless.  Ever since they started adding Facebook, LinkedIn and FourSquare to the picture their metrics have gone down hill. 

At this point “having Klout” gains you nothing. On a positive note, Klout.com does have a pretty interface and you get to click on stuff.  That part is cool.

The truth is, if you only have five minutes a day then use it for things that really matter.

Do This Instead

1. Continue to engage with your audience

2. Follow people with similar interests

3. Keep up with your blog so that you have something to share

4. Forget about your follower count, klout score, tweet grade, twitter counter stats and tweetstats.

Twitter isn’t a numbers game.  It’s about connecting and building and expanding your tribe.

What are your thoughts on social metrics?

Craig Kelley

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  1. A lot has changed since this post. Actually, so much so that we have created our own Twitter Stats application.


    Thanks for reading!

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