Nothing Is Maintenance Free

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Wouldn’t it be great if when you bought something that it actually was maintenance free’?  Too bad nothing is.

When my dad was just out of high school (late 60s) he had a green Dodge Charger.  He was traveling on a beautiful Summer day out to the country to meet his future wife (my mother) when all of a sudden his dream car locked up.

He learned a valuable lesson.  Cars need oil or they ain’t gonna work!  He locked the car up because he never checked the oil.   It was probably long overdue for an oil change.

Maintenance is Required

This same rule applies for marketing, blogging and your social media presence.  If you aren’t actively maintaining them then you can expect poor results.

Your website will drop from Google’s ranking.  You will lose subscribers and you will lose followers.   That’s just the nature of the game.

How do you handle maintenance?

1. Automate as much as possible. 

Your social network profiles should be updated automatically every time you post a new article.

2. Write down your action items.

Keep on track by writing down each task that needs accomplished.  When you get stumped and don’t know what to do next then look at your action list and pick one.

3.  Grow your tribe.

Collaborate or join forces with other like-minded people.  Share your ideas with them and let them share their ideas with you.   Work at connecting with a select few to contribute to your site.  Interview them.

4. Don’t spread yourself too thin

The more junk you get the more time and maintenance it will take.  Narrow down your focus and stick to it.

Ignoring Maintenance Will Cost You

Luckily my dad’s car was under warranty.  He had it towed to the dealer.  They told him they would pay half of the $3,000 that it would take to fix it.  He said, “no, pay all of it.”  They said, “no, we’ll pay half.”  So, for $1,500 he got his car fixed.

How do you keep up with the maintenance that is required for your website or blog?

Craig Kelley

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Craig is the author of How to Get Out of Debt and an avid blogger. He strives to help people maximize their time and succeed financially as well as personally. He has been a leader in several start-up companies including Mokumax Virtual Domains & Servers, Inc. and currently HealthcareSupplyChain. Read more...

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