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If you haven’t heard of Behance you need to check them out.  They have developed what they call the Action Method.  It is a “task-management methodology designed to help creative thinkers push their ideas forward.”  It’s a cool new way to look at your “to do” list.

There are 5 basic elements to Action Method.  Action Steps, References, Backburners, Discussions and Events.  These elements can be applied to any project in life. 

5 Elements of Action Method

Action Steps

Action steps are your to do items.  They all should start with an action verb.  For example, “write” a blog post, “call [customer’s name]”, or “follow up with [xyz company]”. 


These are notes, links, drawings, lists or anything related to your action items.  For example if you are going to write a blog post on Michael Jackson, your references might include links to wikipedia,, etc.


One of the things that I love about Action Method is the simplicity of it.  Backburners are simply what you want to bring to the mix later.  Got a brilliant idea but now is not the time for it?  Add it to Backburners.


Discussions enable you to communicate and manage documents across multiple projects with people on your team.  In Behance’s system they are all in one place and easy to get to.


Events can be key occasions, meetings, milestones or any particular point in time that you want to review where your project is.  I would make these events daily to begin with if you have a team of 3 or more until your first release.  Sounds like a lot of events but it very effective in keeping the team on task.


Behance has developed a great system that implements the Action Method.  The online user interface is very user friendly and has a great look and feel to it.  One thing I love is the name; “Action” method.  It’s not about a “to do” list, it’s about actually doing it.  Everyone involved is accountable and it can propel your idea to a finished product quickly.

For more information on Behance check out their website:

* be sure to check out their cool paper products too

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