The Customer is Always WRONG

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The other day I was driving to work and came to a 2 way stop.  I had the right of way and I did not have a stop sign.  I flipped my turn signal on to turn left.  As I was turning left an impatient lady in a green Subaru started pulling out. 

Luckily I was able to avoid getting into an accident with her.  It was a beautiful day and we both had our car windows down.  She looked at me with hate in her eyes and said, “TURN SIGNAL!!!”

When I got to work, just for fun, I double checked all of my turn signals.  I thought perhaps maybe one was burned* out.   Nope, they all worked perfectly.

If you have a business then you will run into this same scenario with your customers time after time.  Your customer will be dead wrong.  Forget it, grin and bear it.  It’s a part of every aspect of life.  Injustice is here to stay.

Treating people with kindness is the only way to respond to these situations.  Make sure the next time someone “gives you the finger” (so to speak) that you respond instead of reacting. 

Sometimes the response is silence with a smile but most of the time it’s giving something that you don’t think the person deserves.

* I had no idea if it was “burnt out” or “burned out” so I looked it up.  See here -

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