When to Take a Vacation

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Beach Scene

Going to the beach for Summer vacation has always been one of my favorite things to do.  As a kid my mom would pack the old green Dodge station wagon, drive us to the coast and for 3 or 4 days my brother and I would get to swim in the surf of the Atlantic ocean.  I loved it then and still love going to the beach with my family now.

Times were carefree as a kid.  My parents, on the other hand, had to scrape all of their nickels and dimes together to afford the vacation.  The memories will never fade for me.  It was a great investment for my parents.

Vacations are great for refreshing your mind and body.

It really comes down to rhythm.  Are you at a point where you can take the time off without feeling stressed about it?  A vacation should be a time to relax, refresh and be free of stress.  Maybe you need a vacation to get rid of the stress.

A few years ago I took a mini vacation every day. I had to.  I had to remove myself from the stress I was under or I was going to break.

I had purchased a 7 unit commercial building in the heart of my hometown. The purchase was a huge investment for me financially. It had 2 store front spaces and 5 apartments.  To say it needed work is a major understatement.  It looked more like it needed condemned rather than fixing up!  The work, to my surprise, that caused the most stress and effort was with the tenants.  So much stress that I needed to take a mini vacation every day.

My mini vacation was 20 minutes of jogging.  I put my headphones on and ran in the brisk morning air for 8 months straight.  It didn’t cost me anything and it lowered my stress levels tremendously.  My rhythm was every day.

My vacation didn’t cost a penny.  My goal was 3 miles a day.  Going to the beach for a month would have never worked (even if I could have afforded it at the time). 

So now it’s your turn.  What is your rhythm? How often are you getting stressed out?  What types of vacations or mini-vacations can you take that are free and fit into your rhythm? 

Take 5 minutes and write down 10 mini vacations. Next time you are feeling overwhelmed take a vacation!

My current Mini-Vacation List:

  1. Write - something, anything, blog posts, book, songs
  2. Read - something non-business!
  3. Music - learn a new song, write a song, just rock out
  4. Watch a movie - action or feel-good movie - nothing depressing!
  5. Bible - read, study, pray, spend time with God
  6. Landscaping - work in the dirt
  7. Hockey - put the pads on, lace up and go play!
  8. Visit with my parents
  9. Take my family to a park
  10. Brainstorm a new business idea - on paper (detox from media)

Post what your favorite mini-vacation is below.


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