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You can only do so much planning, praying and prep work for a project before you just have to bite the bullet and get started. At some point you'll need to take the step of faith and trust God. Continue Reading...

The Internet has opened up a huge venue for all kinds of skills. Today I am going to share 5 ways to make money as a writer on the Internet. If you are not the writing type then fear not. These opportunities will allow you to hone in on the amazing talent you have locked away inside you. Everyone has a story and some expertise. Forget trying to make money as a writer for a minute and just get started. Give yourself 5 minutes a day!
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Sometimes trying harder is not enough. You feel like you are making all of the right moves but you still fall short. You have heard the term work "smarter" not "harder". So, what does that look like? How do you find success with your business or project? The better question is, "How do you reach success for your business or project in the shortest amount of time?". Today I'm going to show you what it takes to quickly propel your business or project ahead of the competition.

Do you ever wonder how people like Donald Trump consistently build successful businesses? Despite failing many times and filing bankruptcy he bounces back and rises to the top. Have you heard the phrase, "It's not what you know but who you know?" That is certainly a key factor in Mr. Trump's success. I'm not saying the he is not a smart guy. On the contrary, he is very smart in that he knows who to turn to when he needs to get something done. The more smart people you surround yourself with the better.

So, step number one in quickly propelling your business ahead of the competition is:

1. Surround Yourself with Smarter People

Create your own mastermind group with an expert from each part of your business. For example, a real estate investor's mastermind group might include an attorney, banker, real estate broker, and contractor. Having experts will allow you to get the job done quickly.

2. Consult your experts but don't let them do all the thinking

This has been a huge issue in personal finance. People feel overwhelmed by the complexity of managing their stocks, bonds and mutual funds so they set it once and forget about it. We end up placing all of the power with the financial planner who may or may not have our best interests at heart. While we want experts to turn to, ultimately, we should be the decision maker.

3. Don't Get Too Comfortable

The muscles in our body will not grow unless we break them down and stretch them further than they have ever gone before. Likewise, our business or project will not grow or reach it's full potential until we try new things. "Think outside of the box" has become so cliche that I hate to say it. I would rather encourage you to be constantly on the lookout for new ideas. A lot of great ideas come as a result of filling a need. And most come from unlikely places.

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. - Albert Einstein

4. Maintain a Rhythm

Fresh ideas have always come to me while I am on vacation or directly after I have taken a vacation. It is important to keep a natural rhythm to your business flow. You can't swim under water 100% of the time. You need to breathe or you will drown. Even if it's just a day or two away from the project, do it. Engaging in another activity or simply relaxing on the beach may be just what you need to find a new perspective on your task.

Taking a business to the next level takes work. You can save yourself time by doing it right the first time. Surround yourself with smarter people and form your own mastermind group. Rely on their expert opinion but then make the decision yourself. Take ownership for successes and failures. Don't get too comfortable when you are experiencing success. Enjoy it but keep stretching yourself to create something even bigger. When you feel the burn and need a break, take it. The time away may just be what you need to propel your business even further beyond the competition.

Finishing up our vacation at the beach we made a stop at the local arcade in Cape May, New Jersey. We never leave an arcade without playing skeeball. My kids love it.

At this stop my son rolled for the top left corner hole every time. It’s the hardest hole to get the ball into and worth 100 points, the most you can get. If you miss you get nothing. (The picture above is a vintage shot before they gave you the 100 point option.)

My daughter on the other hand always rolled for the middle where she had the best chance of getting points. She would consistently get 20-40 points on each roll.

I couldn’t help but think of how many people try to start and run businesses like this. They risk everything for a quick win and often times lose. Others build their businesses slowly and steadily with small wins.

‘Slow and steady wins the race’ doesn’t have to be at a snail’s pace.  It takes patience and persistence and more patience and perseverance.  It takes climbing small hills now so that you can eventually climb mountains.

If I could get one idea out to the masses it would simply be “5 minutes a day”.  I truly believe that is all you need. 

That’s all you need to start reading a book.  That’s all you need to sit down at the piano and begin learning the notes.  That’s all you need to get on the Internet and start a blog. 

That’s all you need to deepen your faith and walk with God.  That’s all you need to start walking around the block and begin your body transformation.  That’s all you need to start reconnecting with your spouse or children.  All you need is 5 minutes a day.

They didn’t build Rome in a day.

When I first starting my web hosting business, over 10 years ago, a friend of mine told me, “Craig, they didn’t build Rome in a day.”  I had heard that before but coming from a very successful business owner was encouraging.   I knew it might take some time and persistence to make something of my business but like most people I wanted it faster.

There were days that I wanted to quit and didn’t feel like even turning on my computer.  I told myself, ‘alright, give your business just 5 minutes.’  While a lot of my 5 minutes turned into hours, I would have never even started had I not told myself “just 5 minutes.”  Each 5 minutes I gave was a step to the next level.  Five minutes a day was a momentum builder.

Within 3 years I was making six figures with my hosting company.  I bought expensive cars and took expensive vacations.  (I grew up fairly poor so my first taste of money didn’t go well. More on that later.)

Five minutes a day was the key to my success. 

Make “5 minutes a day” a part of your daily routine.  It all starts with just 5 minutes. 

Now it’s your turn, tell me what you plan on doing with your 5 minutes a day!  Please comment below.