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Finishing up our vacation at the beach we made a stop at the local arcade in Cape May, New Jersey. We never leave an arcade without playing skeeball. My kids love it.

At this stop my son rolled for the top left corner hole every time. It’s the hardest hole to get the ball into and worth 100 points, the most you can get. If you miss you get nothing. (The picture above is a vintage shot before they gave you the 100 point option.)

My daughter on the other hand always rolled for the middle where she had the best chance of getting points. She would consistently get 20-40 points on each roll.

I couldn’t help but think of how many people try to start and run businesses like this. They risk everything for a quick win and often times lose. Others build their businesses slowly and steadily with small wins.

‘Slow and steady wins the race’ doesn’t have to be at a snail’s pace.  It takes patience and persistence and more patience and perseverance.  It takes climbing small hills now so that you can eventually climb mountains.