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It has been really cool watching a bunch of kids grow up on the ice rink. My son started playing hockey when he was 5 years old and there are still a lot of the same kids playing.

When they started out on the “puddle” rink the puck was Winnie the pooh and the kids were a swarm of bees. Wherever the puck went every single kid on the ice would follow. There were a lot of pile ups. It was a lot of fun to watch as most of the kids struggled just to stay up on their skates.

As each kid progressed in skill you could see some kids start to pull a head of the rest. Their stick handling and skating were starting to set them apart. Some could take the puck from end to end skating in and out of the other players. They would shoot and score. The adrenaline rush was huge for these kids and they couldn’t wait to do the same thing again.

When the skill level was only good or bad a good player could take the other team on all by himself and win a lot of games. Eventually the other players caught up. By the time you got to middle school hockey you had to play like a team. It was interesting watching the once great players struggle to play as a team unit.

When you played like a team you won games. When you tried to do it all on your own you got double or triple teamed and lost the puck. Hard crisp passes were all of a sudden more important than your skating skills. Communication on the ice to your other players was a must. An assist was often times sweeter than the goal itself.

In business you can carry the team only so far. Eventually you will need to play like a team (everyone contributes) to win the big games. Surround yourself with strong dedicated team players and you’ll be able to compete.