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When Bo Peabody hired “lawless, long-haired, multi-pierced, tattooed, incredibly charming and smart hacker hooligans” to build a website for his new start-up he made one of the best decisions of his business life.  

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Peabody was right out of college and he saw a need for sharing information on the college campuses.  Colleges weren’t offering practical advice about jobs, personal finance and health.  This was exactly 10 years before Facebook hit the web.

His idea was to offer a website with this information.  The programmers he hired heard what he said and did something extremely different.  They developed a website that allowed college students the power to publish their own webpages without any web experience required. 

Within a year the usage exploded for Tripod.  By the second year there were nearly one million registered users.  Tripod never posted a profit and generated barely any revenue yet by the end of year two Peabody was offered $58,000,000 in stock in a publicly traded company for Tripod.  He accepted the offer.

The moral of this story is: Don’t Sit On Your Ideas

Life is full of projects, both small and large.  All projects start with an idea.  One idea usually leads to another and then to another.  You never know.  Your idea may blossom into the next great phenomenon.

You can read more about Bo Peabody and his story in his book called “Lucky or Smart.

If I could get one idea out to the masses it would simply be “5 minutes a day”.  I truly believe that is all you need. 

That’s all you need to start reading a book.  That’s all you need to sit down at the piano and begin learning the notes.  That’s all you need to get on the Internet and start a blog. 

That’s all you need to deepen your faith and walk with God.  That’s all you need to start walking around the block and begin your body transformation.  That’s all you need to start reconnecting with your spouse or children.  All you need is 5 minutes a day.

They didn’t build Rome in a day.

When I first starting my web hosting business, over 10 years ago, a friend of mine told me, “Craig, they didn’t build Rome in a day.”  I had heard that before but coming from a very successful business owner was encouraging.   I knew it might take some time and persistence to make something of my business but like most people I wanted it faster.

There were days that I wanted to quit and didn’t feel like even turning on my computer.  I told myself, ‘alright, give your business just 5 minutes.’  While a lot of my 5 minutes turned into hours, I would have never even started had I not told myself “just 5 minutes.”  Each 5 minutes I gave was a step to the next level.  Five minutes a day was a momentum builder.

Within 3 years I was making six figures with my hosting company.  I bought expensive cars and took expensive vacations.  (I grew up fairly poor so my first taste of money didn’t go well. More on that later.)

Five minutes a day was the key to my success. 

Make “5 minutes a day” a part of your daily routine.  It all starts with just 5 minutes. 

Now it’s your turn, tell me what you plan on doing with your 5 minutes a day!  Please comment below.