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It is easy to get caught up listing everything your company or website has to offer.  We all try to “out-feature” the next guy.  My background is in web hosting and we are the best in the world at comparison charts with hosting features.  Geeks with lists to the nth detail.

So, why aren’t people buying?

Truth be told is, especially in the web hosting world, that most companies are so similar that you can change a logo and you would never tell the difference.  Everyone has the features.  Unless you have a niche (which I hope you aim to have), you are just another convenience store offering the same old stuff.

How to Set Yourself Apart

Trying to be different is easy.  Succeeding at it is very, very difficult.  It takes a mindset change.  No longer do you concentrate on what you are offering.  You instead focus on what the customer needs.  You offer the solution to the customer’s problem.

Take the web hosting industry for example.  Instead of stating all the gigabytes, bandwidth and email accounts you offer you could give an example of how a particular company solved their hosting needs with you.  Maybe they needed special attention getting setup and you went the extra distance and held their hand.

You didn’t sell them the features, you sold them on your excellent support and the peace of mind they received when their website was setup so quickly.

TO DO: Think of your business or service from the opposite angle today.  Not from your feature offerings but from the customer’s perspective.  Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

(The post title could easily be a question or a statement.  I’ll leave that up to you.)

In August if you were a Netflix customer you, like me, received an email from Redd Hasting, the CEO of Netflix.  I was shocked by his arrogance and lack of gratitude for his customers.

The company acknowledged that “some subscribers will cancel Netflix or downgrade their Netflix plans, [but] we expect most to stay with us.”

Wow, who really wrote that?  Who proofread it?  Were they drunk?

While Netflix has since done a great job at covering up the horrible job they did at announcing the price increase, they still have a long way to go at winning customers back, especially me.

The best thing Netflix could have done was keep their headpin out of the limelight OR better yet, had someone read his email.  Marketing 101 tells you to treat your customers well.

If someone is paying you for a service then never forget someone else can do the same job better and at a lower cost.  No one is immune to this.

In mid September Netflix sent an “apology” press release but the damage had already been done.  Saying “sorry” is not going to cut it for most hard working people, especially in this economy.

Lessons to be learned

  • Before you make major business changes get outside eyes to review your plan.
  • Your CEO (even if he’s the founder) is not necessarily your best spokesperson
  • You have NO business without customers
  • There is NO room for arrogance when it comes to people giving you their hard-earned money

When I first signed up for Netflix I loved it.  It was convenient and  worth every bit of $7.99.   At this point I wouldn’t accept a free subscription.

Do you want a trick that will guarantee you get more things accomplished during your day or week?

It’s not a trick but a simple tactic that will guarantee you get a lot accomplished.  You may not finish everything but you will be ahead of the game.

Set a Deadline

Without a deadline you will always feel like you have an unlimited amount of time to finish.

Quick personal example

I had been working on my 4th music CD for 3 years.  It dragged on and on.  It felt like a burden on my back for a few reasons.  Long story, short, out of frustration and weariness of the process,  I set a CD release date. 

I had just 1 month to finish the recordings, 2 weeks to have it mastered and then 3 weeks to have it manufactured (including the artwork, etc).  I got the boxes of CDs just days before the CD release party.

Had I not set a date I may still be working on it!

If you are paying close attention to my blog you will notice that its only a couple of months old.  Most people view 5 or more pages when they visit and they usually stay for a good 4-6 minutes.  After just 2 months that is very encouraging!

Why do I spend so much time on this blog?

After years of programming, building websites and marketing them I got to a point where I felt a real need and strong desire to help others with marketing, blogging and social media

Have you ever learned something really awesome and just couldn’t wait to tell someone about it?  That’s me.  I love helping others succeed.

And so, was born.  The premise behind 5minaday is simple. 

5minaday = Five Minutes a Day

Pay yourself first.  Give yourself just 5 minutes a day.  I guarantee you will be surprised at what you can accomplish with just 5 minutes.  You see the real problem is not lack of time.  The biggest obstacle is getting started

If you give yourself just 5 minutes a day you will be sure to get started.

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Staying in line with my philosophy for starting this blog I am very excited to share my new guide for becoming a Twitter marketing pro.   I have spent hundreds of hours working with Twitter and the Twitter API while building

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Internet marketers are always on the lookout for unique ways to get their message out to the masses.  On Twitter there are right ways and just plain dirty ways to be seen. Here’s one that will get you noticed but maybe unfollowed at the same time.

Don’t spam with just links to your product page

We have all seen the Twitter user that sends only links to their product.  It’s like they think we haven’t seen the last 100 tweets with the same exaggerated claim. 

It used to be that you could post the exact same status update multiple times without cause for concern.  Thankfully, Twitter does not allow duplicate consecutive messages anymore.  Even if you use their API trying to scam the system you will be rejected.  Plus one (+1) for Twitter there.

A few months ago it was rumored that Twitter was going to start grouping multiple tweets from the same user that were tweeted in a short time span. At first I thought it might be a bad thing but as more and more people are catching on to this technique I think Twitter will eventually implement it.

Post several tweets in a short time span

Until then, you have a dirty way to attract attention.  It’s effective.  I would suggest that you try it cautiously and sparingly.  Otherwise, you will start losing Twitter followers right and left.

Below is an example of what it looks like, well sort of.  You can see how this user takes up practically the entire screen.   The bad part is that he is sending the same message over and over again;  SPAM.   Use unique status messages.  Be creative.

  (This is just seconds before I finally unfollowed this user.  Remember I said use with caution!)