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Today you should do a quick SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analysis on your website.  It’s free from Pear Analytics.  It takes less than 5 minutes and the fixes will improve your search engine rankings which means more visitors to your website.

What this SEO Website Analysis is NOT

It is not an exhaustive report (although you can do a full website analysis).

The Benefits of this SEO Website Analysis

With everything that gets checked on your website there is something that you can do to improve it.  It’s a great starting point for quite a few elements that might get overlooked.

To check your website visit:

Have another free tool that you use?  Please share it below.

Yesterday I talked about the dangers of giving your social media profiles priority over your website.  (click here to see the article)  Today I’m going to show you how to optimize your website for a successful social media campaign.

Online Marketing Campaigns Start With A Core Website

Online marketing campaigns should all start with a solid website foundation.  It is the website that lists the products and services, has contact information, an order form and links to your social media profiles.

Each Website Must Include A Blog

One of the most important parts of your website is the link to your blog.  You need a blog.  Period.  A good blog includes frequent updates.  The more frequent the update the shorter the blog post can be. 

A word of caution, be intentional with what you blog about and share. 

Your Blog Needs To Be Focused

Each update should contribute to your primary focus as a company.  If you sell widgets then your updates should in some way pertain to widgets.  How-to articles, statistical reports on your industry and company profiles are great things to blog about and typically generate good traffic to your website.

Sticking to your mission statement and blogging about it regularly will establish your expertise and give the search engines good content to feed on.

Persistence And Perseverance

Once you have established a good practice of regularly updating your website then you can add social media marketing into the mix.  A good website with a blog makes the process focused and easy.  Remember, it takes time to get established.  They didn’t build Rome in a day!

TIP: Post a new update (with a link back to your website) on your social media networks every time you post a new blog article.  Most blogging systems make this easy and automatic.

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3. Market Your Website; not Facebook

The other day I listened to a podcast by Social Media Huddle and they made a good point that I think is worth repeating.

While having a Facebook and Twitter account for your business is essential today, businesses are starting to promote their social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc) more than their own websites.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the “in” things today. It’s all about social media. Businesses, trying to stay relevant, have mis-prioritized.

The problem with putting your social networking profile before your website is that you don’t own any of these social networking websites. They can change the rules (and do!) anytime they feel like it. Facebook is the perfect example of a social networking site that changes the rules all the time.

Embracing social media, in my opinion, is absolutely necessary for all businesses. Putting your social media presence before your website and blog is just bass-ackwards.

Tomorrow I’ll look at how to marry your website with your social media marketing campaign.